adventure-based EXPERIENCES

We believe that exploration invites the deepest, most exotic layers of our feminine richness to come to life.   With new challenges amongst nature comes expansive conversation, self-clarity and connection with not only ourselves, but our adventure partners as well.  Whether it be sunset soaking, waterfall hiking or ocean paddling we deeply believe that best way to understand the world around us is to get all up in it... literally.   This brings us to refresh our understanding of our own deep ecology and self identity while harnessing a life packed full of wicked ,wild experiences.  


with a hint of...


YOGA flow

Striving to deeply tune the working of our mind with the movement of our bodies each of our trips will include daily (optional) yoga practice.  We clear the body and mind to make space for wisdom and deeper understanding.   


During our trips we will focus each day on a new intention that can be brought into our experience together. They will be accessible themes that will help us connect to the land, connect to our interior, connect to others, and feel more whole.  


Vitality in our bodies will be an optimal part in fully performing at our peek no matter the adventure. Through a plant-based diet we will leave with a new awareness and intuition for listening to our bodies nourishing needs.